13 August 2020



GMK Logistics continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation, in particular the impact that the Stage 4 Restrictions in Victoria are having on our customers and the supply chain in general.

We appreciate our position as a key logistics partner to your business.  Our priority is to protect the safety of our workforce and in turn, maintain an ongoing, reliable and timely service to all customers across our national footprint.

GMK remains open for business in Melbourne (and all our other locations throughout Australia).  As a road transport operator, our Melbourne depot is open for on-site work and we have a comprehensive COVID-19 High Risk Safe Plan in place.  Please contact us if you need a copy of that Plan for your records.  Our Melbourne warehouse operation also remains open for business.  It is subject to some additional restrictions; however, we have met these obligations without any significant impact to our service levels.

We were disappointed to learn that the Melbourne based flooring manufacturers have ceased manufacturing as a result of the Stage 4 Restrictions and we will support them wherever possible.  Whilst this will inevitably have an impact on our volumes in Melbourne, we expect that our Melbourne facility will remain operational throughout this event.  We will provide further updates as this situation evolves.

All our other interstate branches and our Head Office are operating as normal, although a number of our staff continue to work from home.  Regardless of where our people are working, they are observing enhanced personal hygiene and social distancing requirements.  We would also like to reiterate that our drivers continue to effect “contact-free” deliveries and, for the duration of this event, they will be recording the receiver’s name as our proof of delivery.

Please also note that we currently have space available for the storage of roll product and palletised flooring in our Sydney, Brisbane and Perth warehouses.  Please contact your local GMK representative should you require a quotation for temporary storage or our full 3PL service in these locations.

We are continuing to adapt our business continuity plans as this situation unfolds.  We believe that we are well prepared but given the unprecedented circumstances there may be disruptions to services outside of our control.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your GMK representative or myself.

Thank you for your ongoing support and please keep well!