GMK’s New Cutting Machine Transforming the Flooring Logistics Industry

GMK has brought the future of carpet cutting to Australia.

GMK’s new Carpet Boss III cutting machine is now fully operational in GMK’s Melbourne depot and is fast transforming the flooring logistics industry. Built by Perpetual Machine Company in U.S.A., it represents a very substantial investment by GMK in its customers and the Australian flooring industry.

The Carpet Boss III is already helping GMK to better serve its customers. It is capable of an impressive 45 cuts per hour when running at capacity.  That is 342 cuts in a standard day shift, which includes check measure balances and doffing off.  It’s the most advanced cutting machine in Australia.

The Carpet Boss III is fully-automatic, with a Dual-Precision Measuring System which ensures carpet cutting accuracy.  It has a high speed, four blade, scissor type cross cutter with the added benefit of an adjustable single blade carpet slitter.

Another key feature is the heavy duty, 4 metre accumulation table for staging rolls before they are automatically wrapped. Each roll is securely wrapped in plastic with core inserts at each end that seal the carpet for added protection and provide excellent presentation to the receiving customer.

GMK has also recently rolled out the Jaix Warehouse Management System [Jaix] which incorporates full RF scanning capability.  All carpet rolls are scanned upon receipt at GMK, which makes the carpet immediately available to order.  Outbound and cut rolls are scanned out of storage when ordered. If a roll requires a cut, it is scanned into the cutting machine location, which is capable of housing up to 10 mother rolls, where they are scheduled for efficient cutting.

The Carpet Boss III will be set up to talk directly to Jaix and automatically update stock records with accurate carpet measurements after each cut.  The system also has the smarts to foresee any opportunities for a second cut from the same roll, which reduces double handling.  GMK shares this efficiency with its customers. Jaix will also generate a customer report at the end of each day summarising all cuts and providing visibility of work completed, work in progress and all balances.

This new machine, along with the new Jaix IT solution, puts GMK right at the cutting edge of the Australian flooring logistics market. Customers utilising the GMK outsourced warehouse solution now have a number of distinct advantages over their competition, including:

* speed to market, with immediate access to GMK’s extensive national transport network
* world class equipment and IT solutions, with full product visibility
* the ability to focus on their core business without the distraction of a warehouse operation
* no warehouse WHS or HR compliance issues, and
* reduced capital investment and improved cashflow.

For further enquiries or to arrange a viewing of the new Carpet Boss III, please contact GMK on 1300 796 208.